Helping independents & not-for-profits doeth great marketing

Marketing isn’t rocket science. Although, the industry will have you believe that it is.

With a clear understanding of the core principles and a clear implementation plan, you’ll be on your way to marketing (and business) success quicker than you can say ‘doeth marketing’.

Over a decade spent helping start-ups, small (but perfectly formed) businesses & not-for-profits transform their marketing …

Jade Wicks, chief strategist & founder

Jade Wicks, chief strategist & founder

We’re a collaborative, collective of experienced professionals; from freelance marketing managers, social media strategists, Google Ads gurus and paid social experts to graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, videographers and illustrators.

Our diverse team has bags of experience working together to successfully deliver complex campaigns for a whole host of clients.

Think of us as your on-demand, independent, expert marketing team – at the end of the phone when you need a final sanity check, a fresh source of ideas and inspiration or someone to keep a check on progress and provide accountability for the delivery of your marketing and business plan.

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Startup – and don’t know where to start?

You know that you need a marketing plan to reach your target customer and make sales (and if you’re looking for funding then your prospective investors certainly want to see one), but you don’t know where to start. We’ll work with you to formulate a strategy, implement an action plan, setup, launch and manage data-driven marketing campaigns and even train your in-house team (as you grow). 


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Small business – and need to level up?

You’ve dabbled in social media, fancied yourself a blogger and tried your luck with a few Google Ads campaigns – but you just don’t seem to be getting traction. Or, perhaps you’ve recognised that you’re just too busy running your business to grapple the behemoth that is digital marketing. We’ll work with you to create a data-driven marketing strategy, action plan and deliver marketing campaigns that get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.


Does this sound like you…?

Who we work with

A few of the brands that we’ve loved (and continue to love!) working with…