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Jade Wicks, chief strategist & founder

Jade Wicks, chief strategist & founder

Hi, I’m Jade Wicks, founder of Doeth Marketing, a marketing consultancy which provides marketing transformation programmes for local charities and independently run businesses to help them achieve their ambitious growth and revenue goals.

Business background

I’ve spent the last decade helping organisations master their marketing. From providing hands-on help for charities and independent businesses to campaign management for billion pound multinationals to strategic support for start-ups.

The evolution of Doeth

I originally established Doeth predominantly as a digital advertising agency – running lead generation campaigns across search and social channels. But I quickly discovered that despite the fantastic results we were achieving many organisations didn’t have a marketing plan in place, the lack of which was affecting their overall achievement of their marketing and business goals.

From duplication of work and missed opportunities to wasted ad spend and resources expended investing in the wrong thing – it became clear to me that all of this could be solved by having a clear plan in place which was clearly communicated to and shared by the whole team. 

Many business and charity leaders I spoke with saw the benefits of a comprehensive plan but simply didn’t know where to start or what should be included.


Wise marketing 

I named my company Doeth Marketing not only as a nod to my roots (‘Doeth’ is the Welsh word for ‘wise’) but also as a constant reminder that the most effective type of marketing is ‘wise marketing’ – well informed, data-driven and customer-led.

Marketing transformation – It all starts with a plan

All of the work I do starts with a plan. Whether that’s supporting you through the planning process to create a plan, carrying out an audit/health check on an existing plan and/or helping you implement the plan and stay on track.

If you would benefit from clarity, direction and coordination for your marketing then get in touch.

Who we work with

A few of the brands that we’ve loved (and continue to love!) working with…